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About Us

Sphinxsolaries is a software solutions service provider.

Software solution deliver is much more than process, it is an art. No two pieces of software no matter how similar are same.

Every project we undertake is treated as if it is for our personal use ... our personal success. Because we know that when our clients succeed we do too. We provide solutions for process automation, process/system optimization, and system integeration. And we don't come in talking technical jargon, we speak your language and this ensures that communication barriers that usually exist between process owners and product development don't exist in our processes. We provide solutions in the following platforms:

  • Console.
  • Terminal.
  • Desktop.
  • Web.
  • Mobile.


Some of the services we render.

Process Automation Design

You may have in-house developers who sometimes have dificulty communicating with process owners. We can help bridge this gap.

Process Automation

The propects of having in-house developers might not be appealing to your organization, and you might have the desire to harness the power of making your processes less manual and more electronic. We can help here too.

Process Optimzation / Integration

Software packages might have been purchased with some desired functionalities missing, or there is need to have the sofware packages communicate with each other. We have you covered in this regard also.